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Enjoying a warm Regina evening with a gorgeous family!

This family bought their session as a fundraiser for a mutual friend. Needless to say, because of their generosity, I was excited to meet them on a warm fall evening for their family photos. Bonus, they are also great people! Even though it probably took them several hours to get all the burs out of the dog after, we even got some great shots of their fur baby.


Valentines Minisessions Are Back!

Looking for something truly unique? Why not try a custom Valentines photo session right here in Regina? Your 20 minute session will result in several photos for either 24 classroom valentines (2×3) for $65 or add on a timeline header and 3 jpgs for only $20 more! You not only save yourself from purchasing valentines and spending valuable time writing on each one but you end up with something unique for your child and photos you can enjoy for years to come. I started doing these for my family several years ago and I have yet to have had a year where several parents didn’t comment on how adorable and fun it was to receive these cards.