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Now Booking Valentines Day Mini- Sessions!

So excited to announce that we have four days available for Valentines Day Mini-sessions. We’ll be using a white backdrop to create individual photos and will then create a collage with at least 10 poses in, on and around the box. For $150 you will recieve one digital per child plus the digital collage and printing rights. This session is just as fun with one child as it is with several! Moms, dads, grandpas, grandmas and extended families are welcome to join in the fun. You can even bring your own props. No need to stress over wardrobe – jeans and white, pink or red shirts are just fine. Book today as these spots will fill up fast!


My very own princess!

I don’t very often take photos of my own kids because, quite frankly, it is hard! I get an idea in my head, they get a different idea in their heads. I know what I want it to look like and then self-doubt creeps in and I am not sure I can pull it off. I lose my patience and they are over it. I planned this shoot for a long time. I borrowed this dress from a friend at work, timed the cherry blossoms just right, hired my make-up artist (p.s. call me if you need her – she is great!) and convinced Lauryn to do it. Sure the sky didn’t exactly do what I wanted it to do that evening but when Lauryn looked at the back of the camera and said “I didn’t know I was so pretty” I knew I had really accomplished something special.

Congratulations to the 2017 High School Rodeo Queen!

Competing to be the Saskatchewan High School Rodeo Queen is not an easy task so when I was asked to be a small part of the process I jumped at the chance. Besides getting to spend a few hours with one of the nicest families I know and continuing to work on my fear of very large animals getting behind me while I have a camera in my hands, I was able to capture some photos of this gorgeous and talented young woman! Imagine my delight when I heard she was crowned the 2017 Saskatchewan High School Rodeo Queen! Congrats! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

New Family Photo Session and Product

I am so excited to be launching a new session style and product this spring! If you believe photos are part of the art in your home and that hanging photos of your children makes them feel loved, then you’ll really want to check out my new session. This session combines your family’s photos and style into a unique piece of art for your home. The best part is, its fun!!!! We start by designing your unique art piece and then we do a really quick session to capture the silhouettes. I then take some time to print your images and prepare your canvass. You come back to the studio to splash paint and have fun creating your special art piece. What could be more fun than using your annual family photo session to create art? Your kids will have a blast and remember these photos forever. The result will be a unique piece of art and the bonuses include: not dressing up or coordinating outfits, not worrying about the weather and not spending time trying to get your kids to smile or cooperate! Call me today to book your family photos!