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Miss Plum – A Travelling Dress

I was part of another travelling dress project. This dress travelled through the US, to me in Canada and even to the UK. The dress was a beautiful deep shade of plum and was very fun to photograph. I used film in my plastic Diana camera and “garage light”.  I knew that was quite a risk so I also did some with my “real” camera, a slowish shutter speed and a wide angle lens.  I had a lovely new model who could not have been more cooperative. She felt like a princess, said she was beautiful and after the session told people she is now a real model. Isn’t that what photography is all about?


To see the next photos go to my friend Niki’s blog  and check out her take on Miss Plum! This is a blog circle! Ever heard of it? A blog circle links from one blog to the next in a complete circle. Click on the linked up blog on each post until you find you way all the way back to me! Although there were many of us participating, not all photographers have a blog, so the circle won’t be terribly large or take up a great deal of your time. Photographers love comments! Thank you for taking a look!

Elisa Nishimura - October 19, 2015 - 10:41 am

Beautiful Cheri, the colour photos are gorgeous but I also love the dreamy quality of the ones taken with the toy camera.

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