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A Travelling Dress Adventure

Recently I had the great fortune of participating in a “Travelling Dress Adventure”. Over the years I have met a group of talented photographers through internet forums and I have even had the opportunity to do three in person workshops/meet ups with some of these same women. One of my friends, Beth, purchased a dress that made its way from photographer to photographer across then states and eventually to me in Canada. We each had a few days to find a teeny model to fit the dress, find a place to shoot it (made challenging by our recent move and studio reno!) and execute our vision.

I was able to talk my friend Ingrid into modelling the dress (I think I had her at “wine”). My vision was an intimate glance into that moment where you look in the mirror and you don’t know who is looking back. That moment where you aren’t sure you want to dress up and head out into the world or put your PJs back on and curl up under a blanket. Your fading past, your current reality and a glimpse into your not as in focus future. The reflections and doors in my dressing room worked even if the lighting was a challenge.

I am excited to see the other photos and am so grateful to Beth for organizing, sending us each a little treat and mailing the dress over the border!


To see the next photos go to Niki and check out her take on the RED: A Traveling Dress Adventure Project! This is a blog circle! Ever heard of it? A blog circle links from one blog to the next in a complete circle. Click on the linked up blog on each post until you find you way all the way back to me! Although there were a dozen or so of us participating, not all photographers have a blog, so the circle won’t be terrible big or take up a great deal of your time. Comments are awesome! Thank you for taking a look!

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